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Thornhills is a specialist immigration law firm we look carefully at each individual case and provide honest and fair legal advice.

Peter Thornhill is thoroughly experienced in most aspects of immigration law which is a constantly changing area of the law. 

We offer a one-off first consultation to all new clients by appointment for which we charge £250 inclusive of VAT where applicable. 

We treat all our clients as individuals and look specifically at each case giving very detailed written advice 

At the appointment Peter Thornhill will listen to your problems, he will look through any papers, documents you bring in with you and provide you with initial advice at that meeting.

Following the meeting Peter will carefully consider all the copy documents you leave with him, carry out some research and provide a very detailed letter containing follow up advice. In that letter you will be given any options open to you and be told honestly what the way forward is.

Our services include

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To make an appointment you can phone us on 0161 228 3003, email us at mail@thornhills.co, call in to our office or simply use the form below
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