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We are a small efficient team specialising in all aspects of immigration law. Led by Peter Thornhill who is the sole solicitor here at Thornhills.

Peter is the solicitor who has overall care and conduct of all cases.

Peter qualified as a solicitor in 1973 and soon became a partner in the now defunct firm of Metcalfe, Wright & Platt (MWP) in Manchester City Centre. Qualifying in the same year that the Immigration Act 1971 (still the cornerstone of our immigration laws today) came into force he soon started to show an interest in immigration law.By the time Peter left MWP to start the new firm of Thornhill & Brown on Dickenson Road, Rusholme with George Brown (now an experienced immigration barrister at Kenworthy’s chambers) he was practising exclusively in immigration law. 

In the 1990s Peter joined forces with another well known immigration practitioner Robin Ince (now an immigration judge sitting at Bradford) to form the legal firm of Thornhill Ince. Within a short period of time the firm had amassed a formidable team of expert lawyers (Gary McIndoe, Corin Timson and Paul Cruthers – some are now part time or full time immigration judges). When Robin Ince decided to concentrate on his judicial duties Peter formed the present practice of Thornhills.

For many years Peter carried out both private and publicly funded work. Recognised by his peers in 2002 he was short listed as Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year by the Legal Action group in their annual awards. In 2005 Thornhills ceased to carry out publicly funded work. For the past 12 years Peter has carried out just private immigration work. 

Whilst his former work colleagues have chosen to seek and gain judicial appointments Peter has never sought to go down that career path preferring instead to concentrate on representing his clients. Known for his formidable work ethic his philosophy throughout his long career has been that success can never be achieved without proper and thorough preparation.

Working alongside Peter is a very small dedicated support staff. Clients are assured that we understand their problems and try to do our utmost during a most stressful period in their lives.

Peter Thornhill



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